Beard Transplant in TURKEY

Beard Transplant

Beard Transplant surgery and cost in Turkey. if you seacrh for full beard transplant in Turkey please read this article.

Nearly half of all men struggle to grow a full beard and sideburns without patchy spots or areas of uneven growth.

Beard transplant surgery can provide the solution to this, an easy answer which remedies bald patches, helping to create either a full beard or a perfectly sculpted goatee. Facial hair loss is difficult to hide and is instantly visible, creating a scruffy and unkempt appearance even in the most immaculately-groomed of men.  There are many reasons growing a beard may be desirable; undergoing a facial hair transplant provides the ability to grow and maintain sideburns, moustache or beard, creating a very manly appearance. Although the trends for facial hair may change with fashion, there will always be the demand for beards and sideburns but even with a good diet and personal grooming, for some men it can be a problem. This may be due to damage which has occurred or simply due to genetic patterns of hair growth. Undergoing beard restoration surgery can completely change the look of your face, providing sharp lines and a full, carefully trimmed appearance.

When to have a beard transplant?

Growing a beard can transform how you look and create an impression on those you meet. However, if your beard is patchy or uneven, the impression you make may not be the one you want. Whether you are trying to impress professionally or simply want to look your best, a beard transplant could help you finally get the beard, sideburns or moustache you have always wanted. If you only have a small amount of facial hair loss you may decide that you don’t need beard transplant surgery. However, you don’t need to have large patches of facial hair loss to benefit from a beard restoration. At the ‘AfterHair Clinic’ we can either perform a beard restoration surgery on very small areas of hair loss, helping you to create a sharp-looking and tidy beard which is even throughout, or alternatively help with a more extensive beard transplant where the uneven growth is more apparent. As well as genetics or natural loss of facial hair, there can be a number of reasons why growing a beard may not be possible. These include:

  • Burns, scarring or skin trauma
  • Past surgery
  • Radiation treatment
  • Systemic illness
  • Trichotillomania (an obsession with pulling on the hairs in your beard)

Facial hair can be a very big part of how you look overall, and in the past you may have ruled out growing a beard because of uneven growth or bald patches. A beard hair transplant provides you with the ability to decide to go either clean-shaven or grow a beard; the choice is yours and allows you to look great either way.


How a beard transplant works?

A beard hair transplant creates permanent results, putting your hair in the place where you need it the most and putting you in control. Hair follicles in the beard or moustache all grow individually meaning that for natural looking results; each hair must be implanted individually, placed in the correct direction and in close proximity to its neighbour. To create a goatee will require 1200 – 1500 grafts To create a full beard will require 2500 – 3000 grafts This is an extremely high number of follicles which must all be carefully grafted, requiring patience, a precise hand and plenty of experience in delivering the right results.

Beard Restoration Methods

The process begins by extracting the donated hair follicles; this is done using either the FUE (follicular unit extraction) or FUT (follicular unit transplant). We use MicroMotorFUE Method. FUE works by directly extracting the donor follicles from the head, using a tiny semi-circular incision which allows the individual follicle to be pulled directly from the head. This is then grafted directly onto the beard area.

Experienced Specialists

Both methods require an excellent technique and many years of experience in order to guarantee the results will look natural and minimise scarring to the donor area. AFTER Hair Transplant Clinic specialists are experts with many years experience in using these techniques.

How much does a beard transplant cost?

The exact price of any beard transplant surgery will vary but you can expect to pay between 1000 -3000 Euro, depending on how much hair you already have and the intended end results.