Before and after hair transplant in Turkey

This is my hair transplant story in Istanbul, TURKEY with before and after hair transplant photos / reviews.

Hi everyone,

I got hair transplant operation in AfterHair Clinic in Kadıköy district, Istanbul city, TURKEY.  Kadikoy is a large district of Istanbul, in the corner of Bosphorus and the Sea of Marmara.

Hair Transplant Team, which are experienced for years in this operation, makes me feel relax. I saw photos of customers before-after hair transplant. Clinic was in hospital not in a floor of an apartment, this was really important for me. İt was sterile and lots of doctors, nurses were walking around.

We started the operation at 13pm, and finished at 19pm. A surgeon and 3 hair transplant expert worked for my hair. They took 4500 graft from back of my head.

The only thing about this operation that I was afraid is needle during local anastacia. But the crews were masters at work and ı didn’t feel anything during needle. This was so good. I did not feel any pain during and after operation.

After they took grafts from back of my head, we took a break for lunch. I ate my lunch in my room and turn back to clinic for the rest of the operation.

I was awake during the operation and watched TV. After operation they dress a wound to my head and I turned back to my room.

Next day I rest in my room. Nurses visited for the dressing.

Two days after operation, hair transplant expert visited me, cleaned my head. She washed my hair for the first time. She teached me how can I do in my home. They gave me my medication and told how to use them AND OF COURSE, ADVICES.

After all they took me to the airport…

Thanks to all crew… GlpRydn

And these are the photos of my hair transplant journay

Before surgery, thats my head… Large bald areas, very large 🙂

AfterHair Clinic rooms, in fourth floor. 

After operation. 

Time to rest in my room and eat my dinner.


One day after hair transplant.

Two days after hair transplant. No pain, feel good.

A successful hair transplant operation. Thanks to crew.

Only 4 days after surgery :)No pain and good result…

And this is the back of my head (Donor area after FUE)…

Only 10 days after surgery

I think most of you asking about cost of hair transplant. First of all, prices vary from patient to patient. For example, I need over 4000 graft but you will need less than this number. Hair Transplant prices chances 1700 Euro to 2000 Euro in this clinic.

4 mounths after hair transplantation.


I search lots of clinic, their condition, before/after photos, reviews about them, cost differences and found AfterHair Clinic. They offered me one of the best price against their FULL services.

Prices include,

– Transportation (Pick up from airport to hospital)
– Accommodation (2 nights) and meals (In our hospital, in your own room)
– Pre-operation consultation
– All required medication
– FUE hair transplantation
– One session PRP
and  of course Friendly service..

Thats all… Best regards