There are many reasons for you to choose AfterHair Clinic.
First and foremost our experience in producing satisfactory results for our patients using the specialized techniques is something you just cannot ignore. We have a highly successful track record of helping people in regaining their beautiful and lovely hair back on the bald area. The whole procedure hardly takes much of the time and the results are amazing. So if you are planning to your hair transplant done, our clinic is the best choice for you in Istanbul City, TURKEY.


-Most proficient and accomplished team of surgeons, doctors and staff serve to make you feel more confident about the results.

-Our consistent results, satisfied patients and best in trade technology has established us as the leaders of modern hair transplant surgery in the world.

-We only use certified and most Sophisticated Equipment, high-end sterilization techniques, world class procedures and international medical standards.

-Our professional staff is available round the clock to provide a most comfortable stay, while you are with us at ‘AfterHair Clinic‘, Turkey

-We have made the world class hair transplant available to everyone by heavily slashing the cost of treatment. No one can compete with the standards and cost at which it is delivered at our center.

-Our medical practices are designed to avoid any chances of infection, contamination. We heavily practice the use of disposables and best surgical equipment which are sterilized regularly and changed at regular intervals.

-Overseas patient can request for a convenient appointments at short notice.

-Our ISO certified center is designed in all respects for 100% customer satisfaction, safety and comfort.

Why Choose Us?

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